LANTECH Aviation IT Services GmbH is now member of GATE since October 2016…

The LANTECH Aviation IT Services GmbH is now an official member of GATE (GERMAN AIRPORT TECHNOLOGY&EQUIPMENT) since october 2016, who represents the source for products and services of the prime german manufacturers for the aviation industry worldwide.

The aviation industry is a pioneer for innovation and reliability, requiring heavy demands on suppliers in particular. These demands require high precision applications and maximum stability on processes used.

As an Aviation IT services specialist, LANTECH offers aviation industry customers a high degree of competence and reliability. 20 years of experience, within various aviation sectors, predestines LANTECH to provide you with high performance, customer-optimized and highly available products and services. This service can be provided from the LANTECH sites in Klingenberg and Berlin.

Due to the GATE alliance membership the LANTECH Aviation IT Services GmbH can expand its competences by contact to other members and also can participate in wide-spread experiences in the aviation industry, which are discussed in the workgroups.

The aviation IT competences are:

  • ALTEA (Requirements management)
  • Baggage Reconciliation System / Lost & Found (Support)
  • Displaysysteme (Support)
  • ELWIS (Troubleshooting / Support)
  • RTC (Message deamon support)
  • SITA DCS (Support & Load sheet preparation)
  • SITA LIAISON (Client installation)
  • SITA SFEB (Smart Front End Basic)
  • SITATEX (Gateway support)
  • Unisys (InfoConnect client installation)
  • Time recording terminals (Installation / set-up)
  • Proprietary applications
    • Voucher software
    • Billing programs between airline and ground handler

Aviation IT solutions and IT services:

  • Airport map & direct communication
  • GPS tracking and visualisation
  • Enterprise service bus
  • Consulting
  • Project planning / project management
  • Managed services
  • Implementation / maintenance
  • Outsourcing / Outtasking
  • Trainings

If you decide for the products, services and solutions of the LANTECH Aviation IT Services GmbH, you choose innovative, future-proof and custom-fit IT solutions and get the positive feeling to have the right partner at your side.