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LANTECH Aviation IT Services GmbH is now member of GATE since October 2016…

The LANTECH Aviation IT Services GmbH is now an official member of GATE (GERMAN AIRPORT TECHNOLOGY&EQUIPMENT) since october 2016, who represents the source for products and services of the prime german manufacturers for the aviation industry worldwide.

Building automation training on 14.04.2016

“Regulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems via KNX” – In the days of training the Fundamentals of HVAC technology and the integration of KNX DGA products in heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems will be taught.

CERTITEX 02.02.2016

Negotiator of the European Commission and the United States have agreed on 02.02.2016 on the outlines of a privacy successor “Agreement” to Safe Harbor. The now “EU-US Privacy Shield” mentioned method is to be developed in the coming months in detail. Cornerstones of the new compromise should therefore make the following points: Active monitoring compliance […]

Aviation January 2016

The former military airfield is released as a commercial airport for civil aviation for the city of Memmingen in Swabia since 2004 under the name “Allgäu Airport”. Low cost carriers such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, SunExpress and Austrian high ethnic traffic, have become well positioned there. In line with the technical requirements, the airport operates […]


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